Networking Event
November 18, 2019

Participants enthusiastically took part in several activities to fully understand the work of HEAL and potential applicability to the the communities they serve. 
Events like this help us make people aware of our work, leading to referrals and supporters.

"As a mental health therapist, I was amazed at the way mindfulness and self reflection were incorporated in to the exercises. I have never observed and experienced the communication and connection with a horse like I did when I visited the HEAL Foundation. This specialty and care of the staff allows folks  who have experienced trauma, or who struggle with PTSD, or anxiety to experience a calming and safe environment through interacting with the environment and the horses. Through my personal experience at HEAL, I was not only able to process my own thoughts and feelings as I interacted with the horses, I also learned and experienced how to join with a horse - It was such a moving experience for me."


 Lisa Wardle LCSW-C  

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