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HEAL is a 501(c)(3) Public

Charity. All donations are tax-deductible.

All images, words, and names are used with the express permission and/or request of HEAL participants.

Our Open House was a wonderful afternoon.  Everyone enjoyed the interaction with the horses and many experienced the magic of these gentle giants.
We are grateful to all who donated.  Your generosity directly helps those who have served.

Additionally there was

  ·   Beautiful music by Hall Vote

  ·   Pumpkin decorating
  ·   Coloring

  ·   Bobbing for donuts
  ·   Delicious and abundant food
  ·   Good company

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!

Meet Peyo an unusual but very effective therapist.
An example of the magic of horses. 
Learn more about why horses are great therapist




Your donation to HEAL helps provide therapy sessions to our military, veterans and first responders. 

Memorial and Honorarium Gifts


Members of the HEAL team were proud to participate in the Digital Warriors Foundation Event at Top Golf which helped to raise much needed funds for their members and families in need. We supported a worthy cause and spread the word about HEAL's work.


A big shout out to Byron Williams and his many volunteers for this outstanding event and organization. Thanks for all you do!

Norwich University Alumni

Group Event

Veterans Realty Group Session


Team Building Event

Call us to arrange a group demonstration or team building activity and experience the power of horses to nourish the human spirit.