COVID-19 has changed the definition of normal for most. Post Traumatic Stress is more prevalent now than ever before.   Periods of global uncertainty can increase and exacerbate the symptoms of pre-existing mental health problems and result in new symptoms for those who generally don't need or seek our mental health treatment. HEAL is continuing to treat patients with a modified treatment program utilizing social distancing.  For more information please review our COVID-19 statement here. If you are interested in seeking services to help manage the effects of this unusual times, please contact Lisa@HEAL.Foundation

We had the privilege of hosting NOVA Veterans Association on August 6th
Spreading the word about HEAL's work
We recently welcomed mental health therapists and military family coordinators and chaplains to demonstrate the power of equine facilitated therapy and equine facilitated learning.
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Meet Peyo an unusual but very effective therapist.
An example of the magic of horses. 
Learn more about why horses are great therapist




Your donation to HEAL helps provide therapy sessions to our military, veterans and first responders. 

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Call us to arrange a group demonstration or team building activity and experience the power of horses to nourish the human spirit.

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