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Who We Serve

HEAL is dedicated to helping current and former service members, first responders and their families.

What We Do

We provide Individual, Group and Family Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy services using the EAGALA model. We also offer half and full day retreats for Veteran's, Military Family and First Responder groups to experience equine facilitated learning. The emphasis in this equine facilitated learning is to expose participants to the benefits of working with horses, team building and experiential learning; strengthening resilience and improving coping skills.


All HEAL sessions are facilitated by an equine specialist and a licensed mental health professional to ensure the physical and emotional safety of participants. The mental health professional works with therapy patients to develop goals and a treatment plan to guide each session. When working with retreat groups in equine learning sessions, the mental health professional is present to ensure that participants are supported through the process as the activities may stir an emotional response even though this is not the intended goal this type of work.


An example of an activity HEAL offers is "Join-Up" which we utilize with individuals and retreat groups. As described by Autumn Rae, one of our equine specialists, Join-Up is a unique interaction between an individual and a horse that can lead to a great deal of personal insight and empowerment.

Join Up

Join Up

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