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The EAGALA Model of Therapy

The EAGALA Method

The HEAL team attended the annual EAGALA (Equine Growth and Learning Association) conference in Tennessee March 4-7, 2018

HEAL follows the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (EAGALA) model.


The EAGALA approach to psychotherapy follows five major tenants: 


Active and Engaging - Working with horses in the EAGALA model allows for real-time responses in therapy. Horses often mirror human behavior which enables clients to see problems and find solutions that work for them.


For Anyone - Working with individuals, families or groups, and with all ages, EAGALA model EAP provides powerful opportunities to get to the heart of the issues and lead to healthier communication, stronger partnerships and happier relationships.


All Encompassing - Whether treating trauma, social and behavioral disorders, addictions, depression or other issues, EAGALA model EAP can help clients find solutions and experience significant personal growth. 


Grounded - All work with horses is done on the ground. No prior knowledge of horses is needed. 


Professional - The EAGALA model of EAP involves a a team approach. Clients work with a licensed mental health professional as well as an equine specialists who collaborate to help clients reach their individual goals. Ethical behavior of both mental health professional and equine specialist is of the highest priority.


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