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What's new in Equine Assisted Learning?

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We've added a permanent round pen

Improving our facility will broaden our ability to provide "join up sessions". The "join up" provides an incredible horse/human bonding experience,

Currently setting up the round pen for individual or group events takes 5 people, a tractor and 60 minutes.  The new pen will save time, reduce wear and tear on the facilities and equipment and give us more scheduling flexibility.

The area has been regraded, footing/riding surface has been installed and the pen has been put in place.  Fencing will be installed to provide privacy for our clients.

Round pen front view.jpg
Round pen side view.jpg
EAGALA Conference

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The HEAL team attended the annual EAGALA (Equine Growth and Learning Association) conference in Tennessee. This provided a great opportunity for networking and education in equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development.  Workshops were held in a horse arena for hands-on demonstrations and in a conference center for classroom workshops focusing on diverse topics including specific populations and theoretical foundations. It also enabled relationship building with other successful programs in Virginia to share information and establish mechanisms for cross referrals and the sharing of best practices as we continue to grow our individual therapy sessions. 

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