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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

What is EAP? According to the "Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA)", a renowned organization focused on equine therapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) "incorporates horses experientially for mental and behavioral health therapy and personal development."The practice of EAP" is a collaborative effort between a licensed therapist and a horse professional working with the clients and horses to address treatment goals." EAGALA notes that due to the "intensity and effectiveness" of the practice "it is considered a short-term, or "brief" approach."


"The focus of EAP involves setting up ground activities involving the horses which will require the client or group to apply certain skills.  Non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem-solving, leadership, work, taking responsibility, teamwork and relationships, confidence, and attitude are several examples of the tools utilized and developed by EAP. EAP is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that has an incredible impact on individuals, youth, famlies, and groups.  EAP addresses a variety of mental health and human development needs including behavioral issues, attention deficit disorder, PTSD, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and communication needs."


We work to follow the EAGALA Model, to learn more about the EAGALA Model click here, or visit:


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